JONVS - International TOP DJ and producer of numerous tracks that are taking over the dancefloors all over the world!

JONVS spends most of his time touring as a DJ around the globe!

His tracks have gained support from the likes of artists such as Don Diablo, Abel Ramos, Sean Finn, Gregori Klosman, DJs From Mars, Tune Brothers, Nick Morena, The Mankeys, Kristjan Hirmo, Adam Foster and many more!

His tracks were released on such labels as: HOUSESESSION Records (Germany), Tiger Records (Germany), Plasmapool (Germany), First Music Publishing (Russia), Heartbeat Records (Russia) and broadcasted on such radio stations as KISS FM, DFM, RADIO RECORD.

Over the years JONVS has officially worked with such artists as DeepSystem, HOMIE, НЮША, Oceana, Alekseev, Lx24, Мари Краймбрери, Тамерлан и Алена, Митя Фомин, Kristina Si and many more!


official remixes

DeepSystem - The Sin of Life

НЮША - Ночь

Oceana - Can't Stop Thinking About You

Инфинити - Таблетка

Митя Фомин – Нравишься

Мохито – Не беги от меня

Тамерлан и Алена - Наши Города

Тамерлан и Алена - Давай Поговорим

Kristina Si - Хочу

Ханна - Омар Хайям

Alekseev - Океанами стали

Мари Краймбрери - Девочка, Чё Ты Делаешь

Lx24 - Недоступная

Те100стерон - Тресни

Пропаганда - Не Такая Я

Dj Favorite feat Niela Rocks - Keep On Rockin

DJ Favorite feat. Te'Marie - Take Me


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